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About Us

About us


Sudan modern art is one of the largest  private out & indoor advertising  in terms of the number of displays. It is also one of the most experienced operators in the out and indoor advertising industry. Currently, sudan modern art offers advertising at the highest level in almost all market sectors.


Why Sudan modern art Advertising?


We have been meeting the challenges of helping advertisers to successfully reach their targets. We combine innovation, high quality products and strategic growth.


Our aim is to be the premier provider of in and outdoor advertising in each of the markets it serves. Our talented design staff uses state of the art technology to help our advertisers prepare creative, eye-catching displays.


We can also help with the strategic placement of advertisements throughout an advertiser’s market by using software that allows us to analyse the target audience and its demographics. From concept to completion, Trifoil sets out the options and provides the support that allows advertisers to deliver their messages with maximum impact.


 one of the high profile players . Our client list gives an indication of the outstanding work that we do. The list includes a list of major companies and organisations operating in the Sultanate in a wide variety of fields. (NOTE Add link to client list)


From government ministries and organisations to private sector companies, universities and schools, and major exhibitions, our work is visible at all levels and in all sectors of the market.


What we do


With a variety of media available in the market, you may be wondering which one is the best for you. Sudan modern art provides a wide range of advertising options, which give the maximum impact and the best value for money.


Whether you invest in blanket coverage campaign, a bus shelter poster, or a high impact bulletin to deliver your message, we will make sure your company and its products or services come to the attention of the public.


When you are trying to decide which media are best for you, our product gallery guides you through the various options available, and gives you all the details you need to make an informed decision. If you are having trouble understanding the jargon of the outdoor   and indoor advertising industry, we provide you with a comprehensive glossary explaining all the terms.


When it comes to artwork, Sudan Modern Art highly qualified creative staff has the ability to craft a sharp, succinct outdoor and indoor campaign that targets your customers. The SMA design team is known for its knowledge and skill in using creative visuals and hard-hitting copy to deliver your message. These services are available at no extra cost. See for yourself the samples of their work ( Note: provide samples)


SMA provides it all: the creative skills, the reach of a large company and the ability to develop your business in a cost effective way. From concept to completion, you can rely on SMA  Advertising to deliver your message and bring customers to your door.


We are ready to take up the challenge with our up to date facilities:


Our Drum Scanner scans pictures and photos at the highest resolution


Our Image Setter takes care of the colour separation operation and can offer a unique size, 50 to 70 inches.


We can also offer chromoline for digital proof copies or photos that have the same detail and resolution as the original.




SMA Digital Print


A tour inside our digital print department is enough to convince you of our ability to deliver the goods. Our team of highly qualified designers can produce innovative graphics to guarantee your advertising has the maximum impact.


SMA  Digital Print presents a new world of high-resolution digital printing. Our long list of services includes all kinds of designing and printing for indoor and outdoor formats; roll-up stands, banners, foam board posters, stickers, display boards, laminations (hot and cold) and sign board manufacture.


We offer you a wide variety of choices to select to match your advertising needs; newspaper ads, magazines, booklets, posters, billboards, bulletins and outdoor panels. The list is long – the choice is yours.


SMA Publishing


SMA Publishing is a powerful arm of SMA  Advertising. The branch provides company reports, government reports, official publications, automobile catalogues, and several other forms of publication, which make sure you reach the maximum number of customers.

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